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Do Evaporative Air Coolers Work As Well As Air Conditioners?

This depends on the way each of them works. The air conditioner works by delivering the temperature in the place to the desired temperature 22, 20, or 18, As for the evaporative cooler, the temperature decreases according to the temperature of the water entering it. Whenever the water is cold or there is ıce, the evaporative cooler decreases the temperature of the place more by a temperature of 20 degrees less than the original place temperature, for example, if the original place temperature is 40 Then we put cold water or ice to the evaporative air cooler, the temperature will turn to 20 degrees only. while that the evaporative cooler Maintenance process is very easy, and he does not need to pre-
installation, does not consume a lot of energy unlike the air conditioner, and its price is very cheap compared to the normal conditioner