Customer comment about our evaporative water air conditioner cooler

Comments from our evaporative mobile water air conditioner users about our Springday coolers


Our business is one of the most popular places in Denizli. It is indispensable for us to provide the best service to our customers. In this context, it was important to cool and cool our facility at the optimum level during the hot summer months. As a result of our research, we found the answer to the question of how to best cool the open spaces of our business in Springday Evaporative mobile coolers. The fact that it does not contain any gas and fixed units, as well as its very low energy consumption and cooling of the open space proved to be the right product for us. We have been using it for about two years and it fully meets our needs. We had no problem with the Springday products cooling and servicing our business. We recommend it to all businesses that have open areas and require cooling like us.

Springday s80 mobile water air conditioner used in Route Cafe Denizli