Before selling:
It is the discovery and consulting service that we offer to our customers who have problems with air conditioning and ventilation and who need an expert opinion to solve this problem. Under the guidance of the sales group, the necessary investigations are conducted by our expert engineers and technicians at the site of the problem. After these inspections, the most economical solution is developed by looking at the customer’s expectations. These results are presented in the form of a report to the relevant sales group. This service is free
– A special type of project consulting services
Air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration, and heating requirements, especially for industrial organizations and small companies, are suitable for research and development requirements, design, factory, and field testing and training services, project management with our experienced project managers and employees with success for many years thanks to our knowledge and experience gained in special projects, your projects will work smoothly And on time.
We are at your service with our solutions that will ensure the completion of the fullest picture.
Assembling and commissioning.
When the appropriate installation infrastructure is prepared by customers, our post-installation and installation solutions are run by expert technical service personnel. All of our products are commissioned by certified personnel for at least two years of service, work, and spare parts after startup.
Maintenance services contract:
– Because it is maintenance contracts to take the necessary precautions to prevent malfunctions in devices whose warranty period has expired as well as their virtual life by periodically servicing the devices. In the event of failure of the device or due to errors of use in spite of periodic maintenance, interference is made in the maintenance of the device. There are two types of contracts that we offer to our clients.
1. Track Follow-up Contract:
The annual periodic maintenance of the devices is carried out under this contract. In case the machine malfunctions, our technical services will interfere. There will be no fee for spare parts needed for this intervention. In case of malfunctions, by implementing a user error, the cost of the damaged part will be on the customer. This is because the batteries are disposable, as they are not covered by this contract.
2. The contract for the location of the segment:
Annual periodic maintenance is performed on devices falling within the scope of this contract. In case the machine malfunctions, our technical services will interfere. The only partial cost will be charged for this intervention.
After-sales service:
Products purchased from us are subject to a 24-month company warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Regardless of whether it is inside or outside the warranty, the defective devices received from those are fixed and activated again as soon as possible. Depending on the size of the device and the type of malfunction, all errors of your device are fixed if necessary in our customer service center or in our technical service station.