The healthiest and the most efficient cooling method is that by evaporation of water. Cooling by evaporative air-conditioner is based upon the principle of heat absorption of water while evaporating. This principle bears resemblance to the perspiration of human body in order to decrease the body temperature.

  • Standard Springday evaporative air-cooling unit
    • 30000 m3/hr of air flow (suitable for areas of 400-500 square meters)
    • Upward/Downward air blasting type for the installation on ceiling, window and wall
    • Best quality, luxury, unprocessed material (non-recyclable)
    • 10 years of cabin warranty
    • Heat and humidity control system
    • Inverter control centre
    • Patented pad cleaning system
    • Patented discharge system

Air Flow 30000 m³/s
Motor Power 3 KW
Voltage 380V / 50 Hz
Speed 12 Different Speed
Speed Driver Inverter
Noise Level 80db<
Dimensions 1300x1300x1150
Cooling Area 400-500 m²
Tank Capacity 40 lt
Water Consumption 25/30 lt/sa
Weight 80 kg
Cooling Pad Dimensions 880x980x100
Automatic Drainage Yes
Overload Protection Yes
Pump Protection Yes

Evaporative Cooling Pad

High evaporation efficiency

Long Life


High quality, sealed aluminum engine

Waterproof and high heat dissipation performance


Fan Blades


Stylish LCD wall control

Large white LCD screen

Temperature indicator

Humidity indicator

Automatic on / off

Date and time indicator


Inlet valve

Additional integrated filter


Water Pump

Permanent magnetic synchronous motor

Non-running function

The ability to throw out foreign materials


Evacuation valve

50000 longevity

Dirty ansd old water, automatic drain from the cooler