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What is Infrared Heating?

Infrared is the way heat is carried by light, and it is the name given to some of the sunlight. In addition, the sunlight that passes through the space and reaches our world and warms the world, are infrared lights. Since the wavelength of the emitted rays is close to red light, it is called infrared (infra-red). The difference of infrared lights from other lights (yellow, blue, green light, etc.) is that they can carry heat more than others. Infrared lights are the rays of the sun in the wavelength range of 0.76-300 micrometers. They are orange in color and can be seen clearly during sunrise and sunset.

The most important feature of infrared is that it directly heats objects without heating the air, that is, without using the air as a medium. The sun also carries its heat to the world with its light, even in snowy weather in winter, the ambient temperature increases when the sun is present. Today, infrared lights have a wide range of usage from communication to medical heating systems.
What is an Infrared Heater?

Infrared Heaters are heating devices based on the principle of transporting heat by light, consisting of a heat generating lamp, a reflector that reflects the heat and an aluminum casing. It is a new generation heater, it warms like the sun. It works 80% more efficiently than other heating systems. They are healthy, economical and practical use heaters.

What is the working logic of Infrared Heaters?

Thanks to their special structure, infrared heaters make short wave radiation. The biggest difference between short wave and other infrared wavelengths is the ability of rays to travel through air. Because there is a loss in traveling through the air for all infrared wavelengths. But this loss is much less in short wave. 85% of the rays coming from a short wave heater can reach the opposite surface.

A streamer temperature of 2250 ° C is required to make a heater that emits short wave radiation. It is not possible to reach these temperatures with the combination of resistance and quartz tube, which is common in the market. The combination of resistance and quartz is suitable for products with a streamer temperature of 1400 ° C and medium wave radiation. For shortwave, it is necessary to use bulb technology containing halogen filling gas.

In infrared heaters, by the short-circuit of the filament inside the glass lamp containing halogen filling gas, it is converted into heat by the bidirectional and continuous movement of electrical energy and infrared short wave radiation is obtained thanks to the halogen gas. The light obtained is reflected by a specially designed reflector. The rays emanating from the surface of the infrared heaters also hit the surrounding objects and create a warming effect on their surfaces.

Since short wave products have a higher ability to transmit radiation, they are more efficient and effective, especially in places where outdoor heating or spot heating is needed. In this way, it is possible to heat more effectively with a smaller capacity heater, ie by consuming less energy.
Where is Infrared Heating Applied?

Since short wave products have a higher ability to transmit radiation, they are more efficient and effective, especially in places where outdoor heating or spot heating is needed. In this way, it is possible to heat more effectively with a smaller capacity heater, ie by consuming less energy. Infrared heaters have a wide range of uses today. It shows itself as the first choice in terms of price performance compared to other systems, especially in open and semi-open areas and all kinds of environments that require heating.

If you want to heat a small area quickly, you can use an infrared heater. Heaters such as radiators and stoves first heat the air and then the objects. Infrared heaters, on the other hand, directly heat objects (and people). In this sense, you can use infrared heaters to heat a small space and to add heat to a place.

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We can list the usage areas as follows

Under-table heater for cafes, restaurants, cafes, tea gardens, workshops, summer houses, gardens, camellias, wedding halls, mosques, dining halls, factories, workshops, terraces, gyms, etc.
What are the advantages of Infrared Heating?

Infrared heaters have many advantages over other heating systems. We can list its advantages as follows.

New generation warms like the sun
Works 80% more efficiently compared to other heating systems
Heats up and heats fast
It has a healthy, economical and practical use.
It can be opened and closed practically with the remote control and temperature adjustment can be made.
Saves energy
Installation and operating costs are economical
It is not affected by wind and air flow.
Can be used indoors and outdoors
Suitable for vertical and horizontal use
It has easy assembly and setup
It is long-lasting.
Do infrared heaters heat the open space?

Since infrared heaters are heat carried by infrared rays in the solar logic due to their structure, they are protected from wind, rain etc. not affected. It is one of the unique heating systems for open areas as the surface struck by the light warms up. It ranks first in terms of price performance for businesses in heating open spaces.

Is it affected by infrared rain, water, wind?

Infrared heaters are not affected by water due to their nature. It continues to work even if water is kept on it. We shot a video for this Infrared waterproof test please watch it. Likewise, since there is heat transfer through light, it is not affected by wind.
What is the life of infrared heaters?

Lamp life in Springday infrared heaters is approximately 6000 hours.

What should be considered when using an Infrared Heater?

When purchasing an infrared heater, you should make sure that the product you buy is approved by the competent authorities. Fake infrared heaters can cause serious health problems.

The rays in direct contact with the skin can cause drying of the skin. For this reason, one should not stay very close to the heater.

The level of energy emitted in infrared heaters is important. If it is above the recommended protection values, it may cause cataracts.

In addition to these, it is possible to encounter a high electricity bill in long-term use.

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