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Features of Evaporative Water Air Coolers

Evaporative water coolers are cooling solutions that have many applications in hot and dry climates (especially in Gaziantep, all South East Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia climates) and play an important role in cooling. It offers a one-to-one solution in cases where it is not possible to spend comfortable time in indoor environments due to the heat or to work efficiently in industrial production facilities (factories, workshops, mosques, greenhouses, cattle farms). Devices with traditional air-conditioning type gas cooling mechanisms cool the same air in a recirculating manner and return it to the same environment. This of course means that the air loses its freshness and regenerative properties for the human body. This is not a desired situation. Nevertheless, a solution must be found for hot environments. Especially in industrial areas, temperature is one of the leading factors in reducing production and efficiency.

In addition, evaporative water-cooled air-conditioning coolers use the cooling mechanism created by water evaporation and cool the environment with a natural system. As we mentioned above, the fact that the air conditioner produces stale air and requires the closure of openings such as doors and windows, it is a great advantage that evaporative water coolers continuously deliver fresh air to the environment and do not require closing openings such as doors and windows.

As a result, evaporative water coolers provide a natural comfort at home, while increasing efficiency in industrial areas.

Evaporative water-cooled air conditioner cooling as a traditional and natural system

Evaporative cooling is a form of cooling that occurs according to the laws of physics. Especially with hot areas where water is present, a coolness occurs with the evaporation of water, this is evaporative cooling. In other words, it is the evaporating water taking the heat away from its environment. Those who lead a primitive lifestyle in rural areas hang cloths and rugs that they soak in summer. Thus, the living room cools and gains comfort. Modern evaporative water coolers, on the other hand, perform this mechanism in a case by means of an additional pump and fan.

Living close to water has been of vital importance to humans for centuries. Mankind has established almost all living spaces and civilizations on the water’s edge. Another importance of creating living spaces near the water, especially in hot and dry regions, is that these water resources affect the climate in the near region and reduce air temperatures. The main reason for this is water evaporation. When water evaporates physically, as we mentioned before, it reduces the temperature in the environment by trapping the heat inside. In addition, if the moisture of the water is experienced in a dry climate, it normalizes the air and creates a more livable environment. Another important element of living by the water is that the winds create a breeze when the water blows towards the land and the breeze wind is cooling.
How does evaporative water cooler work?

The devices basically consist of a water tank, pump, pad and fan and a casing containing them. The hot air drawn from outside by the fan is blown onto the cooling pad by circulation. In the meantime, the cooling pad is continuously fed with the water in the tank and is kept wet. In this context, the incoming hot air evaporates the water in the cooling pad and results in a natural cooling. In this framework, the cooled air is given to the room to be cooled and the circulation continues as long as the machine is running.

Usage areas

Evaporative water coolers have many uses.

Home and dwellings


Canteens and underground parking lots





Animal Farms


Production facilities and assembly lines

Evaporative water coolers superior to other conventional air conditioners

Since cooling systems consume very serious energy, it is very important for all businesses to consider their costs. Evaporative water coolers use low-voltage motors that burn minimum energy. This is because the energy needed by the device consists of turning the fan. Apart from this, the water used in the water tank is another expenditure item, which is a low cost item. As a result, evaporative water coolers offer a significant cost savings compared to other air conditioners, and they reduce operating costs and increase profitability.

Another important factor is that evaporative water coolers do not use any chemicals in the cooling process like other air conditioners. As we know, carbon is one of the most harmful environmental emissions and causes the biggest environmental problems.
humidifying dry air

Low humidity, just like high humidity, is an uncomfortable situation that eliminates comfort. Evaporative water coolers create a more livable and comfortable space because they both provide effective cooling with the humidity they give to the environment and at the same time increase the amount of air humidity. In places where humidity is high, on the contrary, there is a function that reduces the amount of moisture in devices used in that region and excess moisture is taken from the environment.

Low maintenance requirement

Evaporative water coolers require low maintenance costs. Main frame materials are made of durable materials, so they are protected against any wear and breakage. Apart from this, the pump, tank and fan are durable elements that can be used for many years. Evaporative water coolers can be used for many years with a regular maintenance effort and general maintenance before and after summer. This is actually one of the reasons why evaporative water coolers are extremely popular in home and industry use.

Evaporative water air conditioner cooler prices?

Our mobile water air conditioners are of 4 types; s35, s50, s80 and s200

Our industrial water air conditioners; s200 and s300

You can get more information about these models by clicking on them.

If you want to get more information about our prices, please contact us.
Places where we provide evaporative water-cooled air-conditioning cooler services in Gaziantep city center, districts and surrounding provinces.

Antep districts;

İslahiye, Nurdağı, Araban, Yavuzeli, Şehitkamil, Nizip, Şahinbey, Oğuzeli, Karkamış

Southeastern Anatolia ;

Apart from Gaziantep, Adıyaman, Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır, Mardin, Batman (contact us for our Batman dealer), Siirt, Şırnak

Eastern Anatolia ;

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